The best solution if you cannot wait


If anything characterises us, it is the careful manufacturing process we apply to our buses. They are designed and built in detail and are almost handmade. That takes time. But sometimes the market moves at high speed and then the business cannot wait. Always concerned about the needs of our customers, UNVI also provides the best solution for those facing such situations in the world of passenger bus transport.

For them we have a stock of vehicles available. At UNVI we always have new completed units in stock ready for delivery and registration. To hit the road without waiting or having to go through the workshop. The main difference between a stock bus and a factory order is the first already exists and the second does not yet. That speeds up delivery times, reducing them to a minimum, but has the logical disadvantage that the vehicle is already made and the customer cannot choose their specific characteristics. But while it is possible that these buses do not always meet the exact requirements of each customer, there are always several options to select the model that best suits your needs and the service you want to provide. Perhaps the finishes of the bus in stock are not quite the ones wanted, maybe the colour is not exactly what you had in mind, it is possible that the equipment does not meet all you had in mind but we always offer vehicles of interest.
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At UNVI, we are committed to providing a viable and immediate, always high-quality solution, to those who have to put a new road vehicle out in a very short period of time, without having to wait three to six months, which is how long it takes to make a model from scratch. Using our stock of vehicles allows customers to continue the smooth running of their business without delay.