We make life easier for everyone

_MG_7334At UNVI we never lose sight of our goal: to make the best buses to make every journey more comfortable and pleasant. And we are always thinking of all types of travellers. At UNVI we love making life easier for people and that includes those with disabilities because they use a wheelchair, because they have a physical or mental disability, because they are blind or have other vision problems, because they are deaf, elderly or have small children and need a pushchair. For them travelling should also be a pleasure, never a problem. So we provide comfortable, reliable, obstacle-free buses for everyone. With UNVI vehicles, no one will have their feet on the ground.

Our PMR buses are designed in detail taking into account the difficulties these passengers have moving thus to facilitate their journey by bus. We always try to be above the legal requirements and therefore get advice from the best specialists; we have incorporated mechanisms and elements that increase both accessibility and safety on board.

_FSV3246Our new or reformed models for passengers with reduced mobility are designed with non-slip floors and steps with appropriate measures with more handles, optimal distribution of columns and bars, adapted stop request buttons and brighter interior and exterior lighting. In addition, the ascents and descents on the bus are improved by installing wider than usual doors, adapted stair profiles to prevent slipping and automatic ramps, manual or electric platforms on the floor and low floor. The PMR buses from UNVI can also incorporate the kneeling system, which reduces the entry or exit height with a simple tilt of the vehicle. 80% of the models we manufacture also include pre-installation for wheelchair access.