You imagine it, we manufacture it


At UNVI we love challenges. We never shy away from them, on the contrary, we are drawn to them because they motivate us and make us improve and grow. That is why, over the years, we have become a company that specialises in the manufacture of custom vehicles, with a personalised design and a unique character. We face every challenge with ingenuity with a great capacity for work and the trust that comes with extensive experience in the sector. This allows us to always offer the best solution and develop buses to suit the needs of each client. Down to every last detail.

We know that each client is different, they are not all looking for the same type of vehicle and the same benefits. So at UNVI we listen carefully to every suggestion or request that we receive. The result is a versatile, constantly evolving product catalogue able to meet any type of demand. Our team can modify any existing model to suit a particular use or a particular service if the customer so requires. As difficult as it may seem. We have already done this with the TOURING GT, a midibus with a contemporary design that combines luxurious finishes with the performance of a perfect off-road vehicle for driving in adverse conditions.


But not only do we adapt our models, we are also able to create new buses to meet the most demanding requirements. If a customer can imagine it, we can make it. And we do so with due regard to current regulations and the highest quality, safety, comfort and efficiency standards. And something very important: we design the bus that every client needs without limiting units. The amount is not a problem. At UNVI we are willing to manufacture buses to suit the characteristics of each customer even in the case of a short series. Success is guaranteed regardless of the number of vehicles.