i23 100% ELECTRIC

Outstanding Benefits

  • Variety
  • Solutions
  • Security


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Open Top i23 double-decker electric buses has been 100% developed by UNVI. All components used during the manufacturing are from European suppliers: batteries, axles, electric motors,…
UNVI double-decker open top i23, has been running along 5 years: 25 buses fully operational on the streets of Paris, London, Brussels and Amsterdam. UNVI solution for these eDDOT electrical buses is a reliable and fully proven solution, allowign as result the first customers of electric eDDOT had sent new orders to increase their fleet with new UNVI eDDOT electricla city bus.


The i23 has a very comprehensive catalogue of dimensions. This relates to both the diversity of designs available, the number of seats it can carry and mechanical solutions that can be applied.


An open air deck is always a big advantage, never a problem. Even when the bus travels in rainy, cold or very hot areas. The weather does not stop pleasure being taken from an interesting and pleasant journey. At UNVI we work with our customers to create a viable solution for the i23 Top, whatever the city, country or continent for which it is intended.


Again, we go beyond what is legally required for road safety. At UNVI we do not stick to the regulations; we expand the requirements and guarantees of our vehicles for a completely safe, relaxed trip. We have also calculated a centre of gravity that is lower than specified in current regulations for the i23 structure. With this improvement we have been able to provide this model with greater stability when travelling on the road.