Always travelling with you

We know UNVI buses better than anyone. This is why our work does not end with the sale. Far from it. When a vehicle leaves our factory, we join our customers on every journey they make, in Spain and beyond. We are available to assist during the entire life cycle of your bus.

UNVI offers a general guarantee for all new bodyworks, regardless of the model chosen by the customer. This guarantee lasts for a year from the date the vehicle is first registered, but an extended period may be agreed when the vehicle is purchased if the customer wishes. While the vehicle is under guarantee we are fully responsible for all labour expenses and materials that may be necessary for repairs.

Furthermore, the UNVI Aftersales Service is a personalised support service that can be used by customers to swiftly and effectively solve any incidents that may arise. It is even available if your vehicle is no longer under guarantee. As our buses are used around the world, we provide this service and offer solutions in six different languages (English, French, German,Spanish, Portuguese and Italian).


Our team knows every millimetre of our buses and this knowledge, together with modern facilities and innovative technology and machinery, ensures that we can find the best response in the shortest time possible for every type of incident related to UNVI vehicles. As part of this commitment, we offer our customers a direct customer service telephone number and a wide network of authorised workshops that can assist with resolving any problem.


Our Aftersales service goes beyond just doing repairs. At UNVI we actively listen: our customers tell us what they want and we make their suggestions reality. As a result, another important branch of company activity is refurbishing and adapting buses. Changing the interior seat distribution of a vehicle, increasing the number of seats, adapting the bus to transport persons of reduced mobility (PRM) or schoolchildren are just a few examples of the successful customised refurbishment work performed by the UNVI Aftersales service to meet the needs of our most demanding customers.


Vehicle maintenance is synonymous with quality and safety. For this reason, our technical service is also responsible for regularly servicing our customers’ buses (bodywork maintenance, repainting, etc.). We want to ensure that, when starting a journey, wherever the destination, UNVI buses are in perfect condition so that the passengers’ experience is as comfortable as it is reliable.


Our Logistics Department plans everything down to the last detail. We store, supervise and distribute the materials and parts necessary to repair, maintain and refurbish our vehicles. If our customers need a spare part, we are responsible for making it arrive. We will make sure that the required product arrives at the right time in the correct quantities at the agreed place.

In short, our passion for service ensures we can respond to the present and future needs of UNVI customers. Our success is based on their satisfaction and this is why we travel alongside them throughout the life of their vehicle. Because at UNVI we are always there when they need us.