Your project, our challenge


Some buses are unique in their range and therefore require their own individual, customised design. When UNVI works on a turnkey project, it creates and manufactures a made-to-measure vehicle that meets the customer’s needs and complies with current regulations in the destination country. We turn the needs and requirements of each customer into reality by finding the ideal solution with the highest quality and efficiency. We make what seems impossible possible. Your project is our challenge.

We do not use third parties when working on turnkey projects. As the manufacturer, at UNVI we are fully committed to each project and are responsible for it from start to finish. The customer does not have to worry about anything. We take charge of the entire process, from creating the design of the vehicle to its production and delivery.

This formula requires close monitoring and we follow this series of steps:

  • Manufacturing à la carte buses starts with something very simple: listening. In this type of project, the most importantaspect is knowing what the customer wants, understanding heir specific aesthetic and technical needs, and recognising the spirit of the project: its essence. Several meetings must be held with the customer in advance to define the type of bus that they want.
  • Once the idea has been defined, and using the information supplied, we submit the technical plan and design to the customer for their approval.
  • The bus can then start to be developed at the factory. If a project requires a special process for a specific material, we use the consultation services of specialist companies, for example, regarding the particular treatment of wood.
  • There is always a continuous exchange of information with the customer during the manufacturing process. Why? Because often changes that were impossible to predict at the start have to be made during the process and the customer is always consulted about each one. Turnkey projects mean it is possible to schedule other activities and not waste time if planning needs to be reorganised.
  • At the same time, while the bus starts to take shape, UNVI pushes forward the processes required to standardise the project with the relevant bodies, resolving any problem or incompatibility that may arise.
  • During the final manufacturing stage, the customer can inspect the vehicle and make us aware of any last minute modifications that they would like to make.
  • After its final tests, the bus is ready to be submitted for the technical inspection required for its standardisation and legal authorisation. We then deliver it to the customer ready for use.

_FSV0254UNVI has extensive experience in this type of project. Our range of tailor-made vehicles is our best calling card. In each project we focus on the needs of the customer, create a detailed plan and apply the latest technology to produce efficient, high quality solutions that meet their expectations.

Keeping this work philosophy in mind, we have already manufactured buses with an on-board café and book buses (with shelves for books, seats and even a librarian’s office) used to bring culture to rural areas (in Castile and León and Belgium, for example); we have made mobile health clinics and created mobile offices for Abanca using 10 m buses, equipped with two cash point machines and space for three employees, used to provide financial services in remote areas of Galicia. There is more. The latest commissions to leave our factory have included a double-decker tourism bus in the style of an Open Top Route Master, the old-style London double- decker. It will be used to promote and transfer customers to a new shopping centre in Paris. Two double-decker Open Top Vintage buses, with wooden and leather benches and a retro look, will also operate in the French capital.

Turnkey solutions are not just a type of contract, they are a type of job. A job that not everyone can do. We are able to work on these projects at UNVI thanks to the dedication, effort and talent of our highly specialised, multidisciplinary team, renowned for its flexibility, capacity to adapt and resolve problems and with the knowledge and experience necessary to design and execute any project, however unique or complicated it may be.