The soul of our buses

UNVI : Equipo Humano

Behind the manufacture of the best buses, UNVI buses, are the best professionals. The UNVI workforce is comprised of highly experienced and qualified employees who work across every area of the company, contributing a wide range of skills and abilities and a thorough knowledge of the sector. Our team is talented, meticulous and committed; it pays great attention to every detail and is creative, innovative and effective, outdoing itself day after day, project after project. We are proud of what we do and, above all, how we do it. And this is visible in the end result. Our workers are the soul of our buses. Our buses are made with soul.

Since the company was founded 20 years ago, UNVI expanded considerably and our human capital has continued to grow in line with our increased production rate and capacity to take on new business challenges. We started with 43 employees and now have over 325 professionals with a variety of profiles distributed across our Ourense headquarters, the manufacturing facilities in Porto and our sales offices in the US, UK and France.

We operate in over thirty countries around the world, from Russia to the United Arab Emirates, from Sweden to South Korea. Exports now represent over 80% of turnover and this has made the UNVI work environment increasingly international. Therefore, language knowledge is highly important in our company, however, it is not the only asset that we take into account for job progression. UNVI employees are fully committed to each project; they are responsible, professional and efficient; they anticipate problems to respond with the best decisions; they cope with the unexpected and meet customer deadlines. They work in a team because they know that together they are stronger and achieve the best results. They keep an open mind, contribute ideas, do not simply conform and improve commission after commission, always looking to stand apart from the competition. The UNVI team understands the needs of each customer and tries to give them what they want, plus a little extra, to exceed their expectations. This is the spirit of UNVI.

UNVI 20150313124126This is why we do not economize on resources when strengthening our talent pool and providing work opportunities. Our paid internship programme for vocational training students from IES Universidade Laboral de Ourense is a pioneering programme in Galicia. Over the course of three years, students in the internship programme combine technical knowledge obtained in the classroom with work experience at UNVI’s facilities, profiting from time spent with its technology and workers. The aim is to train high quality professionals, boost youth employment and take advantage of talent. Of the 15 students accepted onto the programme each year, three will join the company’s workforce at the end of their internship.

We are motivated by a job well done, doing it better every day, being competitive and consolidating our position as a leading company in our sector. For this reason, at UNVI we aim to create a work environment that encourages our employees to develop their skills, knowledge and creative potential to the utmost. Because we know that the skills, commitment and enthusiasm of our people are the keys to success.