Our vehicles are on the road on all 5 continents.

The guarantee of experience


We manufacture buses. But not just any buses. At UNVI we design and build our vehicles to make every journey as safe, efficient and comfortable as possible. This is achieved thanks to our indisputable technical quality and use of the best equipment in all of our vehicles, the attractive combination of innovation and style, high resistance levels, reduced fuel consumption and our unfailing flexibility and ability to quickly and effectively meet the needs of each customer. Our challenge is to continue to progress and to consistently manufacture excellent, fully-guaranteed products for any market. We manufacture just this type of bus: UNVI buses.

We combine a flexible approach, advanced design skills and artisanal techniques to manufacture a wide range of bodyworks. At UNVI we are experts in creating special, customised vehicles, including buses that are adapted for use by persons of reduced mobility (PRM), “book buses” that bring culture to areas with no public library, mobile banks equipped with cash points and minibuses for travelling across desert sands and uneven terrain. But that’s not all. At UNVI we stand apart for our commitment to designing fully functional double-decker buses (available with open, closed or transparent roofs and manufactured with the best finishing) and intercity micro and minibuses that transport people to their jobs, school, holiday hotel, the airport or on an excursion. UNVI buses are at the service of people, whatever their needs.

We were founded in Galicia in 1995 and our two decades of experience in the sector is enhanced by the knowledge contributed every day by each of the 325 qualified employees in the UNVI workforce, unquestionably one of our greatest assets. The majority work at our headquarters in Ourense, where each project is devised and implemented. However, UNVI is a worldwide company and, as part of our international expansion plan, we also have manufacturing facilities in Porto, plus sales offices in the US, UK and France.

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Because at UNVI we have always looked outwards, ever since the very beginning. This passion for seeing the world and broadening our horizons has meant that we currently have a presence in numerous countries around the world, while over 80% of annual production is for overseas markets. Every day thousands of passengers get on and off UNVI buses in Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, St Petersburg, Paris and Dubai, among other locations. The full list of countries that use our vehicles for passenger transfer includes several in Latin America, New Caledonia, Malaysia, South Korea, Angola, Iraq, the Maghreb, the islands of Martinique and Mayotte, the United Arab Emirates and European countries such as Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. At UNVI we have an international approach but always work at a local level, adapting to the needs and requirements of each market. We know from experience that a Norwegian customer does have the same needs as an English one.