A passion for progress


An innovative approach is part of UNVI’s identity. Some people worry about change; we see it as an opportunity for progress. Nurturing constant innovation helps us to overcome the current challenges faced by the transport sector, particularly in terms of safe, efficient and sustainable mobility.

Our R&D&i Department works hand in hand with reputable suppliers, laboratories and technology centres, and other areas of the company (Sales, Engineering, Quality and Production) to incorporate the latest developments into our business activity. At UNVI we take advantage of synergies and transform them into innovative energy for our buses. The result: new solutions and products that serve the sector and adapted existing products, obtained quickly and with a high success rate.

The assault on new international markets is an inexhaustible source of innovation. It requires extra effort but is thoroughly worthwhile. Overseas distribution requires knowledge of the needs and specific standards in each destination market and we have to adapt our buses in record time to meet the particular conditions of each country and customer. However, sometimes the solutions we have designed in response to the requirements of a specific market have become a competitive advantage in other countries in which we operate. In short, we have a “live” product catalogue that evolves at the same rate as the company expands to take control of new markets.

Another source of innovation is our involvement in the most important national and international fairs and events in the sector. This is a way of exchanging experiences with other agents that operate in our sphere and of accessing overseas markets. While UNVI is showing the world its versatility at completing projects quickly and effectively, we are also keeping a close eye on the latest trends. This interaction helps us to incorporate improvements and enhance the strengths of our products to make them stand out from those of our competitors.

New solutions and products: R&D&i projects


Using these sources of inspiration, at UNVI we constantly work to transform the latest scientific and technological advances and market requirements into specific products and solutions, and ensure that we protect the rights to our strategic innovations via patents, utility models, etc.

Our R&D&i projects focus on improving the reliability, safety, sustainability and energy efficiency of our buses. One particular highlight is the multiplex system, which uses a PLC to control the electric systems in the bodywork; it has now been incorporated into most of our range of vehicles. The multiplex structure considerably reduces wiring, saving weight and space in the bus and significantly reducing costs. Having fewer connections also has the advantage of ensuring more reliable electric systems. Furthermore, it is particularly useful for maintenance work because it assists in diagnosing and correcting any fault in the vehicle’s systems.

We have also worked to improve the ergonomics of the driver’s seat through a project that is directly related to passive safety and that involves installing touch screens on the dashboard. These 4.3″ and 7″ screens are intuitive controls that can be used to operate all of the bodywork systems (door opening, fans, mirrors, lights, etc.) from the driver’s seat.

As part of our commitment to manufacturing more environmentally- friendly products, we have addressed the weight issue by developing light, balanced bodyworks that are also highly resistant and achieve significant fuel savings.

A recent innovative project, the result of our international expansion, has been the development and manufacture of a bodywork specifically designed for the English-speaking market. At UNVI we aim to define and design the entire vehicle, from its structure to its overall appearance, taking into account the needs of English-speaking customers but also the unique aspects, conditioning factors and aesthetic criteria of this market.

Other projects involving technical innovation by our company have focused on launching a new version of an existing product in the market. One example is the Urbis DD 2.5 double-decker city bus, our best-selling model overseas, which has been relaunched with a more modern, lighter, safer and environmentally-friendly design. We have also launched completely new products in response to needs that have been detected by our R&D&i Department, such as the Touring GT midibus, which has been a great success in the European market.

This is our path. We progress towards the highest levels of quality in our products and the greatest possible customer satisfaction. At UNVI we do not just work to achieve our targets, we aim to surpass them via the vehicle of constant innovation.