Efficient manufacturers


At UNVI, our environmental awareness has moved with the times. Rethinking our business around sustainability has led to important results in terms of our products. The automotive sector is highly competitive and sees frequent technological advances; UNVI does not want to get left behind. For this reason, we have developed efficient technology that limits the environmental impact of our vehicles and we have put this technology on the road. Today, our models generate far less pollution than their predecessors did.

Naturally, our buses comply with the Euro 6 standard, the most exacting standard issued to date on exhaust emissions. We have worked to reduce oxygen and nitrogen emissions from our buses by between 77% and 80%, and particle emissions by 50%. Today, a UNVI diesel bus produces 99% less pollution than an older model.

However, our progress in this field is not only based on complying with standards. We are aware of the importance of protecting the environment as a competitive advantage. We therefore constantly work to reduce the weight of our vehicles. This has resulted in an innovative bodywork made entirely of aluminium. Both light and resistant, aluminium reduces the overall weight of the vehicle so that it consumes less fuel, can be easily repaired and can also be recycled. Aluminium bodyworks match, and often exceed, the safety standards of steel bodyworks.

Environmental awareness is incorporated into our designs and also into the company’s decision-making process; it is a guiding principle of our business culture. All our centres, departments and employees are made aware of, trained and dedicated to environmental protection and we look for the same level of commitment in our sales branches and suppliers. Our strategic lines include fully complying with regulations, reducing waste generation to a minimum, correctly processing this waste, employing energy and natural resources effectively, preventing the effects of our activity from having an impact on the environment and limiting the use of pollutants.

529f8abfe312e_1Our golden rule is minimising the environmental impact of UNVI by manufacturing the buses of the future: buses with reduced fuel consumption and zero emissions. And we have achieved it. Today, UNVI buses are efficiency in movement.