UNVI, the Spanish bus and coach manufacturer, announces PARAMOUNT CONVERSIONS as their sales and after-sales support agent for lreland

UNVI are pleased to announce one of lreland’s leading bus conversion and manufacturing specialists, Paramount Conversions, as the new lrish agent for UNVI Bus and Coach Manufacturers. With more than ten successful years in business, the team at Paramount Conversions have welcomed this premium brand to their Co. Offaly based business.

“We’re pleased to announce the partnership between Paramount Conversions and UNVI . UNVI is a brand we have wanted to work with since we started our business in 2009. At Paramount Conversions we strive for growth and always look for ways to improve our competitive edge. Having worked with the UNVI brand previously, we feel this is the ideal partnership opportunity for both organisations to expand in the lrish market.” Aidan Farrell, Managing Director, Paramount Conversions .

UNVI CEO Eloy Pérez is also delighted to begin the collaboration with Paramount Conversions in lreland and looks forward to a committed relationship between the two brands. “A strong alliance has been forged in preparation for the post-covid era.” said Eloy Pérez, CEO at UNVI. Eloy added “This is a perfect synergy between two reliable, trustworthy, professional, committed manufacturers who both have vast experience of passenger carrying vehicles, and who together add up to 35 years in lreland.”

This collaboration will see the continued promotion, sales and aftersales support of its already established range, including Mercedes based Touring GT, Voyager GT and Vega EX as well as IVECO based Compa and M20. A full range of UNVI products are already available to test drive at Paramount’s headquarters.